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May. 3rd, 2012

Shirtless, Andrew

Help Us Support Planned Parenthood

Originally posted by brenden at Help Us Support Planned Parenthood
Originally posted by theljstaff at Help Us Support Planned Parenthood

Join us in standing up for reproductive health and education. Planned Parenthood, the organization that delivers reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people worldwide, has come under fire in the U.S. lately, with many politicians on both state and federal level seeking to end funding (and in a few cases succeeding).

During the month of May, you can send a specially designed Planned Parenthood vgift to your friends to help support this cause. (And if you need someone to send it to, frank is always happy to receive gifts!) There are three variations ($1, $5 and $10) for you to choose from, but they'd all look good on your profile when your friends know that you stand by something so important.


Thank you all for your help in our support for Planned Parenthood. This promotion ends June 1, 2012; LiveJournal is not affiliated with Parent Parenthood. For more information about Planned Parenthood, please visit: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/

-The LiveJournal Team

(If you'd like to help spread the word that we're raising funds for Planned Parenthood, you can crosspost this entry in your own journal or community by using the repost button below!)

Feb. 2nd, 2012

Shirtless, Andrew

just one of them days

Jun. 12th, 2011

Shirtless, Andrew

nature and I

I ended up hiking again today. I'm ethnic..this is some bull.lol. warn a bitch next time so I'm not walking around in my dressy casual clothes. First raybans a cardigan and some boat shoes. now converse a button down and a vest....I'm a well dressed hiker

May. 15th, 2011

Shirtless, Andrew

Writer's Block: Say goodbye to Kansas, Dorothy

If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

I'd be ok with that. It'd be a fun fresh do over. Which may or may not be a sad comment on the state of me..now.

May. 19th, 2010

Shirtless, Andrew

writing rant

So i feel like I need someone or a group of someones who actually read/like urban fantasy. I wanna get an idea of how people are liking the book sorta a...sample of opinions. I feel and my writing/editing buddy like the directions we're going in. She however, found someone in her circle of friends who can read and give honest feedback ..basically now she's rewriting her whole book. I don't really want to get to chapter 20 (at 15 already) and have someone be like PLEASE REDO THESE CHAPTERS AND CHANGE THEREFORE EVERYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN CUZ I DON'T GET IT.

I'm actually fairly certain i've explained it well I just need some good people that I trust to be like..i'm hating this character or loving them or i'm confused by the motives or why haven't we met the big bad or something like STOP OVER EXPLAINING WE AREN'T 8.

ok end of rant. I'll continue my search this weekend. maybe i'll go back to the friend who asked to read it even though he threw up all over my car and cost me over a 100 bucks in cleaning costs.

Nov. 24th, 2009

Shirtless, Andrew

probably doing it wrong lol

Shirtless, Andrew


Yea I'm one of those geeky assholes. I'm writing a novel in the month of November. Well 50,000 words of one. Since I'm already nearing the end of that and no where near the end of my book. Who woulda thought I can't shut up....shut it.

Anyone that's what I should be doing. Instead I'm surfing ONTD and Dlisted and watching TV shows. HMM back to procrastinating.

I realized I hadn't updated in a while. So I said fuck it why not. Get the writing juices flowing somehow.
Shirtless, Andrew

Writer's Block: It's Never Too Early...

Black Friday is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. When are you planning on beginning your holiday shopping?

Apr. 13th, 2009

Shirtless, Andrew

Uconn women do it again.

I should probably for you know posterity sake say GO UCONN WOMEN..since sadly i still go there. Whatevers. The boys are pretty cocky in real life and they suck so go UNC. lol but yea the girls and geno excellent job.

Feb. 16th, 2009

Shirtless, Andrew

twelve years later

She returns. Lost the password, Lost the username. Forgot i had one. Life happened. Then almost didn't. The username came kinda true. man that's sad.

Ahh off to dinner with the family. JOY. still as sarcastic as ever.

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